Spiral: From the Book of Saw

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This review may contain spoilers.

Saw had a book?

I always root for Chris Rock. I always thought he was an immense comedic talent. He not only was funny, but had a charm about him that was incredibly likeable. But boy, he could not pick a starring role movie script to save his life. Maybe that should've been one of the "Saw tests" in this movie.

I wanted to love this. And it's not bad, but it's not even amongst the top three in the franchise.

And that reveal. Less said the better, but...


if you don't see someone die in a movie, they're not dead. Never. They are never, ever dead. Please stop using that in movies. Every time it happens in a film, I usually am just peeved until the obvious surprise ending happens. Please stop!


I did love that the victims in the film have turned from criminals, junkies and people with secrets to police officers. It works really well, especially at this juncture in time. As police are being called out, and often acquitted for straight up crimes, it makes sense that this "Jigsaw" would target them rather than the common criminals who don't have the justice system behind them.

At the end of the day, this is a quick and easy watch that won't be too painful to return to. And Rock was fine. His character could have been an unoriginal stereotype, but Rock breathed a certain degree of life into him.

Now hopefully they make a ton of sequels where we go back to this one and realize the bike courier was in on it. And the waiter at the restaurant. And the delivery guy. Bring on that Saw insanity.

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