Speed Racer ★★★★½

"I don't go to watch you race, I go to watch you make art."

I’ve always had a strong appreciation for the digital filmmaking style of the 2000s. Since these were the films I grew up with I always felt a strong attachment and connection to them unlike others. That being said, I really don’t revisit them as much as I should, and watching the Wachowski Sisters’ Speed Racer for the first time in over twelve years confirmed that there’s so much beauty to be found in these films regardless of whether they were part of your childhood or not. The Wachowski Sisters have such empathy for the characters and story, allowing their cataclysmic color explosion of a film to feel immersive from both a narrative and emotional standpoint. Never in history has there been a film quite like Speed Racer, and I don’t think there ever will be. Just perfect.

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