Ride or Die

Ride or Die

scratches ass...

it was so hard to finish this so i fast-forwarded it and i hate fast-forwarding when i'm watching movies even though they're bad but i couldn't help myself this time. 142 minutes for this shit? come on now.

it's 2021, cishet men. please stop directing wlw films with the lesbophobia you have inside of you. you are not the park chan-wook you think you are. he would probably step on y'alls ugly faces, by the way.
there were so many wrong things with this and it's not just that making it really tasteless. this also wasn't even a good movie in so many aspects.

to be honest, i was not expecting much because netflix original sapphic movies tend to disappoint me (i care a lot, for example) but i didn't expect this much of a shit-show. i mean, come on, it has a lesbian kiko with red hair in it, i was excited for that. i wish i wasn't.
not only that but the movie was directed really poorly too. there was no soul, i couldn't appreciate the art of cinema with it, i don't know; the cinematography was not that great, the songs were sometimes not really fitting with the scenes (they were good individually), editing was not suitable for the movie etc... it just made me angry and it was boring, on top of everything. the only thing i really liked was kiko's acting. she killed it! i'm so sorry they did her dirty with a movie like that.

don't even make me start with the plot..... yikes. storytelling was messy and confusing, and as i said before, boring; but like if it included a decent plot i wouldn't be mad like that.... stop trying to romanticize toxic relationships! and a lot of toxicity was coming from them being lesbian?? because they nearly all have internalized lesbophobia?? and the movie won't really get into the details of their struggles with begin queer?? it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. jesus. "it must be nice for men. they can put something inside of women. my fingers can't fill you up." ????????? way to kill the mood, dawg.

to sum it up, i can definitely confirm that this movie and blue is the warmest color are siblings. that's how bad it was. 2/10 for kiko and kiko only.

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