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  • Raw



    Most horrors got me like 😑
    This horror got me like: 😐

  • Tigers Are Not Afraid

    Tigers Are Not Afraid


    Works much better as a City of God type insight into the horrific impact of the cartel on young, innocent children than it does as a Guillermo del Toro type dark fantasy, the latter of which it desperately wants to be. Nonetheless this is an effective, brutal 80 minutes, deftly carried by it's incredibly likeable host of child actors.

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  • Soul



    I can just tell that this is going to stick with me. Inside Out and Coco, which both tackled similar themes, didn't resonate with me half as much as Soul did. It uses it's animated medium to the fullest it can, with beautiful visuals and metaphors hidden in theoretical conceps, to the point where I'm not sure this could've ever been executed better. And finally, Disney manages to once again make something with actual heart and a fantastic message for…

  • Tenet



    me before watching tenet: haha Nolan fans think their films are so complicated lmaooo
    me watching tenet: fuck