Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★★½

The End of Evangelion - 10/10

Literally impossible to explain. It's like a cross between 2001 and Mulholland Drive, but with giant creatures that fight each other, and also it's all drawn.

Let me just say that visually, this is remarkable. Completely in awe of every frame that came across the screen. Holy shit. The film is split into two halves.

The first half is mostly grounded in reality and explores the three children as they approach the final stages of SEELE's plan. The second half is a surreal, nightmarish, and exquisite examination of life, death, loneliness, and purpose.

This is perhaps the most surreal thing I've ever seen, only made possible by animation. It's somewhat important that one see's the show before watching the movie, but not essential. Explaining this film's narrative would be futile, as it's purposefully broken and surreal throughout it's second half with no easy ending.

It's a film that combines extraordinary action, pathos, and emotional devastation, and then diverges into a thoughtful meditation on human existence and pain. It's a perfect movie. It's beyond what the show could accomplish.

The show is very good, the film is absolutely astounding in it's balls out surrealism. Don't try to make total sense of the film, it will do you no good. Instead bask in it's philosophical questions and intense ethereal beauty. Ultimately, EoE is a hopeful film, that's main assertion is that great pain and anguish are a side effect of love and human relationships, but is ultimately nessecary to obtain any sense of happiness.

"Shinji is forced to decide between the total unity of all human life, whereby no independent organisms exist, and separation with individual autonomy. He must come to terms with the fact that to love is to experience pain, that sacrifice is the cornerstone of all human relationships." (Letterboxd Reviewer: BowelLevitation)

This is not an easy film to watch, but it will linger in my memory forever. It's animation here is top notch and the surrealistic tone presented is unmatched by any medium I have ever seen. The characters and themes are extremely complex and digging into their psyche is both mentally troubling and endlessly fascinating. EoE is an emotional roller-coaster of confusion and sadness, and a perfect end to a great series.