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This review may contain spoilers.

I saw it yesterday. This movie is made for the big screen. I think you can watch him at home on your couch, but if you're really into Dune you should have seen him on the big screen once. This movie is so incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. They made the barren desert a very beautiful place. CHI technically they did a really good job. Sure there were a few things here and there that were annoying (the gerbil and the hot air balloons), but by and large you can overlook them because the movie has such a beautiful visual power. And although the movie is approved for ages 12 and up, this movie is incredibly mature and also a little bit brutal and in a really good way. Last but not least: Can we please talk about the fact that Hans Zimmer immortalized himself in the movie in the best possible way. The music is so good. This really is the best excuse for me not to work with Christopher Nolan. I wanna watch it again. 

It's a cold world on a hot planet.

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