The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived

The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived ★★★★★

"[This film] is the only document in the world shot deep inside what was formely known as the Liberated Area of the Province of Dhofar in the Sultanate of Oman, then a very marginalized region. For the first time in the Middle East, the voiceless had a voice."

A documentation of the revolutionary struggle of the Dhofar people for liberation from the neocolonial claws of British imperialism, their US allies and the puppet Sultans they instate to oppress, control and exploit the resources, land and people in Oman and the Arabian Gulf.

It gives us an in-depth look into their struggle and the revolutionary tactics, knowledge and mindset they have, which includes how important and integral they view women's liberation ("The depth of Revolution can be measured by how fully it involves women.") and the incredible and powerful ways they go about freeing, uniting and educating their people. It's nothing short of inspiring and jawdropping, as well as an indispensable lesson in anti-imperialist struggle and organizing.

As fellow writer and comrade lauren puts it in her review:
"essential viewing on british colonialism in the Gulf and the makings of revolution. remains very very relevant as we see continued neocolonial construction, maintenance and investment into omani bases (as well as those in dubai and bahrain), and a jingoistic “global britain” tour by HMS Queen Elizabeth, which includes Oman. [...] the film ends, but the struggle for liberation doesn’t."
I couldn't agree more as this is a truly trailblazing, historically vital and indescribably important film which I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have seen.

Down with imperialism! Long live the revolution!

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