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  • Dead End

    Dead End


    It seems like the craft of film acting developed at a curve over the years to finding more realistic performances, but this movie is an exception to that trend. The character work is so beautiful and natural, the way the story unfolds over a down-to-earth atmosphere through a well-acted ensemble cast just feels so stunningly lifelike and immersive, especially for the time. The tragedy of this story all revolves around money, how it turns society into a class struggle and…

  • Remember the Night

    Remember the Night


    I think films like this prove that the strengths and weaknesses of certain genres can be a fairly timeless constant. There are the hiccups more befitting of the era, like problematic depictions of minorities and an occasionally indulgent hokey tone, but honestly the majority of this films are highs and lows you see in a lot of romantic comedies. Endearing, if generally unrealistic and rushed romance at forefront, with a foot dipped into a more dramatic pool of water, yet…

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  • Crossroads



    There's a certain universal appeal that comes with the "road movie". The concept of a struggle across America for higher goals is something that rings as a bit of an age-old parable. I would say that the main trio of characters has a complicated dynamic, with some moments of niceties and chemistry, but also a lot of unresolved conflict and confrontational behavior, especially Macchio, who despite his charisma, comes off as whiny for most of the film. What the soul…

  • Young Frankenstein

    Young Frankenstein


    Very funny, a Mel Brooks classic, but a lot of the humor just seemed kind of "gimmicky". Still pretty good.