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  • Zinda



    Hello class today we’re gonna learn how not to be a total hack fraud filmmaker.

    Step 1. Don’t steal your whole movie’s plot from something you really enjoy, chances are you’ll do it worse.
    Step 2. Don’t touch anything with a large fanbase. You’ll just piss them off.
    Step 3. Cater to your actor’s strengths.
    Step 4. Leave money for editing and licensing.
    Step 5. Only do what your budget allows you to do.

    Now let me introduce you to…

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    This is a message to Rami Malek. If you aren’t Rami Malek please scroll down and read a different review. Thanks.

    Okay now that they’re all gone, Rami, i just wanted to tell you that slurring your words doesn’t count as character acting. I like you but it was hard as hell to understand what you were saying. Also this was by far the worst performance of yours I’ve seen, which is a lot given you were in Oldboy 2013.