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  • #UNFIT: The Psychology of Donald Trump

    #UNFIT: The Psychology of Donald Trump


    "To whom will history be kinder? Those who spoke up during the age when Trump rose, or those who were silent?"

    Do not ever forget what happened today.

    I got my Moderna COVID vaccine.

    Well, no, not that, but I do want to commemorate it. I work in a doctors' office which serves as primary care and internal medicine management largely for seniors and the elderly for their chronic conditions. Therefore, all staff members were offered the vaccine for COVID-19…

  • Totally Under Control

    Totally Under Control


    "It's one person, coming in from China. It's gonna be just fine."

    Did we need a documentary to tell us this? No. Is it nonetheless a comprehensive and damning look at the failures of the Trump Administration during this pandemic? Absolutely. Will anybody watch this film who is actually one of those mythical "swing voters" have their mind changed? Certainly not. Does this still present an accurate portrayal of how fucked we are right now? Without a doubt. Will I…

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  • Our Friend

    Our Friend


    "Mom is… going away."

    Film Independent advance screener.

    Our Friend -- apparently previously titled The Friend -- is director Gabriela Cowperthwaite's second narrative feature after the 2017 war drama Megan Leavey. Long working in nonfiction before then, and achieving accolades galore for the exposé doc Blackfish, she seems set on theatrical stories now as Hollywood has come calling.

    She should have stuck to documentaries.

    This upcoming weepy is packed with melodrama and cliché just like Megan Leavey, albeit based on…

  • Some Kind of Heaven

    Some Kind of Heaven


    "You come here to live. You don't come here to pass away."

    The debut feature-length for director Lance Oppenheim is Some Kind of Heaven, an Errol Morris-like -- the first half of his career, not so much this century's -- portrayal of a community that's easy to pigeonhole and stereotype but like any location can have a beauty and resonance through the surface.

    The Villages, Florida is America's largest retirement community, lily white and a grandparents' utopia -- which nonetheless…

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  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    The screen glows white in the theatre tonight
    Not a cellphone to be seen
    A film devoid of imagination
    And it needs to be in quarantine

    My face is scowling like a raging storm inside
    Couldn't make it good, heaven knows they tried

    Don't let them in, don't let them see
    Be the good film Frozen I was to me
    Raw deal, this reel, don't let them know
    Well, now they know

    Don't you go, don't you go
    Can't say…

  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man

    Now, this is a movie all about how
    Will Smith got cloned by a man of renown.
    And I'd like to take a minute, just sit with me,
    I'll tell you how he became de-aged in a film by Ang Lee.

    In west of some laboratory, born and raised,
    In a test tube was where he spent most of his days.
    Chillin' out, maxin', assassinatin' a fool,
    And all shootin' some people to graduate from school,
    When a couple of…