Claire's Knee ★★★★★

Some say that women are always over-analyzing everything. Well, men are trying to justify everything they do (especially their desires) with the most idiotic and weirdest (to the point where they don't make sense) justification. For a while I watched the film without realizing anything what was going on. Conversations. Well, they are French. At some points I started thinking about how creepy these situations actually were. It wasn't until the last conversations between Jerome and Aurora that I realized how hypocrite, full of himself Jerome was. But unfortunately he reflects so deeply on other men as well. It is clever take on the primitive elements of the nature of man. And I'm sure that it draws from own experiences as well - as a mere observer these kinds of points couldn't have been brought out with such a skill. Everything in the film reflects not state of mind but element of a gender. There's no denying how sadly accurate it is. Moral is extremely flexible like Rohmer already showed in his masterpiece My Night at Maud's (these are the only Rohmer films I've seen so I can't say about the other "moral tales" but I can imagine what is yet to come). One of Rohmer's greatest accomplishes is also that there's room or rather "air" in his films. Despite having pretty limited "scenario" and themes, nothing is simple and motives for behavior or events aren't explained nor it feels that he is even hinting for them. Many things happen because people believe in them so much that they almost unconsciously make them happen despite trying to explain everything. Behind countless lines lies Rohmer's true mastery.

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