Suicide Squad ★★½

Everyone has heard about the production problems of Suicide Squad but the most famous of those tales is that because of Batman v Superman's weak success, the squad was called for re-shooting so that it would be possible to add more "fun". I cannot say if it improved the film or not for what you have here is basically very quick-paced two-hour long non-stop action adrenaline blast with little measures of madness (most notably silly ideas that manage to even work at some points even if mostly they don't). The whole film could have been "too dark" but on the other hand the apocalyptic settings made recent DC effort so original. At first we get the feeling that this is continuum to the world that is at the brink of destruction but later we realize that it is more important for the director to focus on "fun" than to exploring the world nor the characters. The feeling that the world has gone so crazy that this is the only desperate thing to do (Gods and heroes are dead) disappears very soon after the beginning.

The attempt to tell about every one of these characters in equal measures fails whereas other gain more depth and seem to destroy the balance. Criticism on Harley Quinn's character is justified but reflected on the soullessness of other characters, I'm not sure how much it weights. These characters offer lots of potential but it is uncertain whether I choose not to see it because I fell in love with characterizations of Batman v Superman or whether Ayer simply doesn't care about them. The way he uses Slipknot rather demonstrates bad taste by exploiting a character than really drawing a portrait of the environment and situation. It seems to be very hard to get touch on such one-dimensional group of people. Such approach could have worked had Ayer used distancing as power mean - he doesn't quite manage to make us attached to characters emotionally and this is where this film fails for it doesn't attempt to be exploration of form either.

Nevertheless Ayer isn't afraid to have fun with his film even if it just a young boy's cinema fantasy where he gets to create characters he wants, use the colors he wants, his favorite songs (the film mostly gets over of its "iconic pop songs fetish" that is highly awkward) and just toy around with the visuals. On the other hand two years earlier James Gunn did it better with his Guardians of Galaxy. Suicide Squad offered much more potential but it doesn't live up to it. We all know the feeling when we can almost touch the things that could have made the films and yet they are ignored. This though starts out as a face-palm, then enters to its best stage (the stage in which everything is still possible) and ends up in a disappointment - it is adrenaline rush that does entertain for those looking for escapism but doesn't deliver the punch it could have. Sad because I already enjoyed it as it was but it could have been big.

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