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  • Tarantula



    Truly amazing to see how far cinematic tricks were back in 1955. It surely had to be frightening as hell for the audience then.
    Tarantula is by far one of my earliest horror experiences as a young teen, flashed me and I never forgot about it.

  • Weird Science

    Weird Science


    Saw this film in the early to mid 90s around 13-16y old and liked it very much. That's what the boys my age in this time wanted to see. Damn you, puberty!
    It must be about 2 decades now I haven't watched it since, but I'm aware that the mentioned toxicity in older reviews sure may exist - as of today's "standards".
    shit's real u know?

    Let us see this movie as what it is: a work of another era…

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  • Split



    At first I was like "Oh come girls! You're three and he's just one man!", but somehow Dennis as well as Patricia and Hedwig put me under their spell with their frightening attitudes. The movie was not quite outstanding, but still has its very own charms.
    Anya Taylor-Joy played her role convincingly.
    I'll gave it a solid 3.