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  • La La Land

    La La Land

    i rewatched on the plane bc i was sad i was leaving LA and i tried to see myself in emma stone's and it made me even more sad i like how glamorized they made LA it didnt feel real but also i just enjoyed watching something set in LA cus i was leaving and i wanted to escape for a moment from my sadness. ryan gosling's dialogue made me giggle at some points-- go damien i think i liked my rewatch (didnt finish) better than the first time i watched it. plus the soundtrack is good i like it

  • Anita


    watched this on my flight and was so shocked one of my professors made the film! i recognized the cover art and i looked at the director name and see a familiar name. that was a pretty cool moment up in the air. i like how i can see her visual style in this film

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  • Black Mirror: Arkangel

    Black Mirror: Arkangel

    white girl beats up mom after finding out she's been watching everything she's doing... lmao go off I guess

  • Black Mirror: Hang the DJ

    Black Mirror: Hang the DJ


    this episode is NOT the san junipero black mirror LETS GET THAT STRAIGHT,, it was a nice hetero-romance episode and I liked the chemistry between the two characters.. it showed us the ups and downs of finding ~the "one"~ lol it is WILD how we have tinder now and it can possibly lead to this system... nothing much would change tho short-lived romances r where its at