Inferno ★★★

Dario Argento's splendorous horror is ' Hansel and Gretel' crossed with the Art Deco aesthetics of Murnau's 'Nosferatu.' The witches of ' Inferno' appear to be wreaking havoc and revenge for past persecution. Within a disintegrating ancient building some unfortunate souls are tormented by terrifying sorcery where windows smash, walls crumble, lights flicker and shadows conceal unspeakable evil with a palette of constantly changing primary colours.
It's not quite on the same level as his big 3 : 'Suspiria', 'Deep Red' or ' Tenebrae' but it might be Argento's most visually beautiful film with plenty of entertaining moments. Argento's influence can be felt strongly in the works of Nicolas Refn, Guillermo Del Toro, John Carpenter and Tomas Alfredson was probably thinking about ' Inferno' when he made ' Let the Right one in' and specifically a scene involving an attack by some especially unhinged cats. Future generations will no doubt continue to learn from the Italian maestro.

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