The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

The Favourite

For as many sins the Academy has committed just this past decade alone, the biggest of them all is nominating this masterpiece ten times and awarding it only one. As deserving as Olivia Colman was in being awarded her academy award, the true powerhouse performance and layered, fully arced character is Emma Stone. Her conniving, scheming demeanor leads her straight to the top, and seeing her progression is quite masterful. The power dynamic - mainly between Weisz and Stone - has never been funnier in anything that’s come before. Somehow funnily, it captures the paranoia and depression which sinks in and portrays someone whose tired of their status more than any film that delves into such topics. I’m always blown by the look of this film and the direction.

All in All, I’ve been saying this since The Lobster: Yorgos Lanthimos is the closest we’ve come to a Kubrick since the man himself. The particulars in his directing and specifics of his camera movements and delicious, idiosyncratic screenplays and dialogue. I’ve enjoyed each one of his films more than the last, and it actually might be difficult for him to out top this one. It’s cinema at its most entertaining.


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