• Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

    Dr. Terror's House of Horrors


    This was an unexpected treat, but then again any movie with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Donald Sutherland interacting on screen is bound to be at least a little bit good. Shoutout to the fakest fake eyebrows i've seen in a while, too.

  • Return to Horror High

    Return to Horror High


    George Cloony was top billed on the blu-ray i have of this and after some googling and finding out this was his first movie i was mildly curious, but then he dies in the first 12 minutes. I felt kinda tricked, but there's enough weird stuff happening troughout that kept me kinda entertained.

    Also that one cop being sexually excited by blood and body parts was hot

  • The Goddess

    The Goddess


    If there ever was a film to make you hate society, this is it. Ruan Lingyu delivers an absolutely stunning performance as a prostitute doing everything in her power to give her son a better life and i couldn’t help myself from being utterly captivated troughout this entire experience.

  • 16/67: September 20th

    16/67: September 20th

    I dislike this immensly and if you like this we cant be friends

  • Bottoms


    Why do i own this on DVD? Why did i pay money for this?

  • Lumière and Company

    Lumière and Company


    I thank the gods for David Lynch. His short almost made this an enjoyable watch

  • Aelita: Queen of Mars

    Aelita: Queen of Mars


    Saw this with an awesome live score by the finnish band Cleaning Women and my rating is mostly for their performance as this film is quite borring. I actually fell asleep during the screening

  • Wild Zero

    Wild Zero


    The programmer hyped this one up a fair bit before the screening, calling it one of the craziest movies she’s ever seen and ranting on about the reactions she got when she first screened it in 2005. I mean it is kinda wild don’t get me wrong, but dont watch this expecting to find a new schlock favourite. If you wanna watch some actually batshit insane japanese films i implore you to check out The Hapiness of the Katakuris or Electric Dragon 80.000 V booth made 2 years after this.

  • Parasite



    Just as good the second time around and now i got to see it in an actual theater which was nice

  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Dolemite Is My Name


    Had me smiling and laughing the whole way through. Its an absolute blast watching Eddie Murphy actually try for once, and the fact that he succeedes is even better. Feelgood movie of the year and a must-watch for anybody intrested in Rudy Ray Moore and blaxploitation.

  • Pulgasari



    Intresting film, but only because of the story behind the production and the fact it was made in North-Korea. The actual movie is a subpar kaiju slogfest with a dash of communism.

  • Nosferatu



    Extrememly influential, but oh so boring