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  • Up the Sandbox

    Up the Sandbox


    why don’t you move to new jersey? the air is cleaner and nobody writes ‘lesbian uprising’ in the elevators.”

    okay WHOA whoa whoa whyyyyy isn’t this movie talked about when people talk about GREAT seventies movies!!?? barbra streisand’s first real grounded acting performance (not to say her prior work isn’t good, it’s just all extremely big) and it’s a moody meditation on marriage, motherhood, matriarchy, misogyny and approaching mid-life malaise. if you think that’s a lot of m’s, note that…

  • Nixon



    a gonzo-psycho pop shakespearean epic entirely unbound by reality or the historical record about america's most emo president.

    a title card up front tells you much of the story you're about to see is "hypothesized". not dramatized, not embellished, but invented based on guesses and here-say. or maybe just entirely made up! cia director richard helms' eyes turn to a demonic black void while reciting yeats to the sitting president cowering in fear! who cares? it's the 90s! it's the…

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  • Old Joy

    Old Joy


    every male friendship has one dry toast w sausage and one wet toast w bacon.

  • Funny Lady

    Funny Lady


    not as weird as on a clear day you can see forever, and not as stuffy as the original funny girl. basically what i imagine bobbie gentry’s vegas residency was like, albeit with way worse (for me) music. they really get crazy with the sets/costumes, and that’s the strongest thing this has going for it—also cocaine. there’s a lot of coke energy happening. not clear if that’s a positive or negative. jon peters inclusion tends towards the latter.

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  • Mystic Pizza

    Mystic Pizza


    okay so wow daisy, kat and jojo are my best friends. can’t wait to have some of that mystic’za with my portuguese girlfriends.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    hard pressed to remember another movie i’ve felt so queasy in the bad way over. equally upsetting and ignorant. 

    fully-formed to be an inkblot test of what someone sees in a poptimist 2016-era-yaaaas girlboss-etsy embroidery-white feminism-notorious rbg-first person essay with empty ideas about justice, revenge and sexual assault. 

    take care of your friends and family that have experienced abuse and assault, because promising young woman doesn’t give a fuck about them.