Pillow Talk ★★★★

Pillow Talk follows interior decorator Jan as she struggles to get along with the other end of her Party Line, the womanizing Brad who eventually pretends to be from Texas to go out with her.

This movie works so amazingly as a nostalgic time capsule from 1959. Shot in color, every shot is a feast for the eyes of wonderful fashion and set decoration. Also on display are a lot of 50s morals. Jan's treatment from different men is pretty appalling, but fits our idea of the 50s. I was pretty happy to see that there is retribution on the man who does actually slap her. The whole thing could have inspired the initial feel for Mad Men. Brad's sleeping around, plays, and apartment gadgets very much feel like a pre-Barney Stinson. That is all without mentioning the main party line premise which wouldn't exist now.

All of this is simply a bonus on top of a solid rom-com plot structure. I'm surprised how this feels so much like a modern version for being 60 years old. Day and Hudson play so well off each other, and the comedy works so well. The splicing of the screen for phone calls was a great older feel too.