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  • Red Eye

    Red Eye


    You know, back in 2005, I wouldn't have considered myself a big fan of Craven. I mean, I didn't even consider myself a horror fan, I just happened to like lots of horror and didn't really give it much thought. I didn't really keep up to date with upcoming movies and my first introduction to this movie was seeing the poster for this movie plastered all over the subway in New York. I dunno why, but something about that original…

  • The Rage: Carrie 2

    The Rage: Carrie 2


    Okay, I completely get that there is a lot to criticize about this film. The pacing, production, and acting are all wholly uneven at best and weak in most places. The plot line is cliched, the middle sags, and while there's some joy to be found in the '90s cultural iconography, there's not enough to really bask in it. The persistent attempt to create a narrative and chronological arc to the original film is laughable and ridiculous, again not giving…

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  • Striptease


    I've been spending the early part of my hot, humid, sunny, mosquito- and fly-infested Florida 'summer' aka hurricane season revisiting the entirety of Hiaasen's career as a solo novelist, in chronological order. Strip Tease is the 5th novel in his chronology, written in 1993, and the only one of his novels, both to great misfortune and my own personal confusion, to have been adapted into a movie. Why this novel of all the novels was chosen baffles me, as, although…

  • Airport



    Obviously there are lots of very outdated views on gender and sex but I was surprised to see a very frank and unemotional discussion about a potential abortion pre-that-one-episode-of-Maude.

    Please watch this movie if you want to vastly increase your flying-related euphemisms for sex. A couple of classy ones from Dean Martin:

    Blue Balls:
    "You get me up to full throttle,
    then throw me into reverse."

    "When he's stacked up and can't get clearance to land,
    how does he take…

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  • Spiral



    Real life gay couple would never allow that terrible 80s wood paneling like ever. What. Why was that ever a thing.

    Apparently, no one can figure out how to represent intersectionality in horror yet.

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    I personally have always had a complicated relationship with Aubrey Plaza as a media personality. On one side our stories are oddly similar. We’re about the same age, we both have a Puerto Rican father and a non-hispanic white American mother. We both grew up in smaller cities in the mid-Atlantic in mostly white, anglo areas: Her in Wilmington, and me in the Twin Tiers of New York. Early on, I identified with the cynicism of her humor, even though…