they think that im tom cruise

Top 4 are the recent favs that I've watched. Usually into genre films and trash movies ok thank you

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  • Habit



    Maybe the least favourite of the Fessenden's I've seen so far (wendigo, depraved, last winter and this) because those have a insane sense of compelling dialogue and a visual style that Fessenden can really drive home in this. In this one, he's probably wearing his contemporaries a bit on his sleeve in this one, being really similar to the other indie New York movies of the time period. You can tell he doesn't have quite the grasp on creativity that…

  • No Way Out

    No Way Out


    Pretty good political thriller that deals with espionage and covering up affairs in office, even if this one is trapped too much within the more conventional parts of commercial political thrillers of it's time. You can't fault Donaldson for trying to make it lean and cool, like he did with White Sands, I just know Donaldson can do better with this material than just to make solid, good genre stuff.

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  • Empty Metal

    Empty Metal


    Movies are kind of afraid to outright say that a call for violence is necessary for a revolution, only to hugely hint at it, to make it within a plot device for a story central to only a few characters. This movie just says outright that violence is necessary for change, that in able to enact systemic change that we need to kill capitalism and the police, the systems that control, which is such a stance to just, present without…

  • The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden


    Incredible abstract stuff, some thing that I wish everyone could appreciate. There’s a strong sense of the film that it goes from having mysticism to hold onto that is uniquely the characters and pretty much Solomon’s abstraction of the original film is shown in great visual design, raindrops, trees, characters with a beige aurora, giving it a heavenly look. Just when you think this goes divine, the colours change to blood red and blue. It enters and feels like a…