Possessor ★★★½

First of all, I just want to say that Andrea Riseborough is worth praising for in this. She is once again unrecognisable (like another female Christian Bale of drastic physical transformations at this point), and her character is so insidious that it feels strangely immoral to empathise with her, but nevertheless piques the audience’s interest. What is her true motive? Is her family her saving grace, her inevitable downfall? Why did she underwent such circumstances? Does she truly care for her family? Or is it a faux attempt at preventing utter disconnection from reality? There is so much to ponder about, and for all it’s endless query happens to also make the film suffer slightly in its over-analysis. Though it managed to amplify the visualisation of hysteria and hyper-violence astoundingly well, it’s easy to get lost in. It seems torn, at times, between its richness of potentially fresh sci-if ideas, to Cronenberg’s preference for hardcore thrills. But despite such shortcomings, the film outweighs itself on the visceral rather than the cerebral, and poses an unsettling thought: that for some people like Tasya, the danger of losing your identity is considerably less frightening than the idea of obligating to it.

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