Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I was wrong! Its pretty amazing, actually. I was bored a lot of the first time I watched this, but this time I was pretty invested and excited every minute. Pretty much everything that I didn’t for some reason feel the first time I watched, I did this time around. I felt Cliff and Rick’s friendship much more on this watch. I got emotionally invested in Rick’s character. Sharon Tate’s scenes were so beautiful and warm, and had a real palpable sense of sincerity and respect from behind the camera. The cinematography is pretty stunning, and the production design was definitely academy award worthy. The film really feels epic in scope and time detail (accomplished not only in production design but also a stellar soundtrack and awesome usage of fuzzy old style radio ads) but intimate in how much of an episodic peak it is into its unique characters lives. It has a super relaxing, fun, laid back vibe all throughout for me, which makes the moments of suspense and excessive violence really visceral and satisfying. The ending omitting Sharon Tate’s death is, to me, a beautiful ode to cinema and how it immortalizes time and people and lets their legacy live on. Overall, a really fun and impressive film, and probably has the most heart and sense of sentimentality of any Tarantino picture.


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