Southland Tales ★★

I imagine that my frustrations watching this film must be close to what Under the Silver Lake haters feel when watching that movie. 

What a mess! A super ambitious, epic, convoluted mess. Way too many ideas, characters and narratives that don’t get introduced, developed, or juggled effectively. The film opens with an overwhelming exposition dump told in a very basic and ugly way, and than proceeds with it’s narrative very poorly, as its near impossible to follow exactly what is happening and why. The sheer ambition and creativity of the film makes it hard not to admire, and while it can be quite the slog due to never really knowing exactly what’s happening, there are some really great moments and details throughout. Like most VA films I have seen thus far, its so hard to tell if the acting is intentionally bad or not. The Rock was awful, but had this really silly reoccurring tick that I thought was actually kind of hilarious. The narrative is frustratingly convoluted and incoherent, yet the refreshing whackness of each scene, whether its a character, line of dialogue, stylistic choice, plot point, special effect etc., makes it a fairly unpredictable and fun ride. Yeah, this thing is pretty whack. Idk


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