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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    The average American audience will never fully understand our relationship with alcohol. Cheers everybody. I'll take another round!

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    So the Golden Globes happened, and Rosamund Pike took home the Best Actress in a comedy/musical award. I had my fingers crossed and hoped to see Maria Bakalova winning the award for her screen debut in "Borat 2," but was surprised to see Pike winning it. I decided it was finally time to see "I Care a Lot" since it recently dropped on Netflix. Not that I think the racist HFPA has something to say when it comes to awards-speculation,…

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  • Soul



    On the day of Christmas, I usually spend my day with my family, just pure relaxation. I saw three films that day, where I, for instance, reached my No., 2500th film (being "The Prisoner of Shark Island"). However, before I review that one, I want to talk about the new Pixar film, which premiered on Disney+ yesterday. "Soul" is yet again a touching and thought-provoking feature animated film by the master himself, Pete Docter. Docter is behind films like "Up,"…

  • The White Tiger

    The White Tiger


    Last year in my English class (before lockdown, I remember), we had about the colonial period and India's history as a British colony. We read stories by Rudyard Kipling and others whose name's I cannot remember. My teacher and I didn't come off that well. He lowkey insulted my fellow students and me, and I recall me walking out of the classroom because I couldn't deal with his shitty teaching. It became better in time, but looking back, I despise…