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  • Guilty of Romance
  • Crash

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  • Süden


    Is this a cry for help, Mubi?
    Is everything okay?

    It's good to open up and talk about it if you're going through a rough patch.

    Mubi, get down off the ledge, you have a lot of people who love you, don't do this to yourself. 😢

  • Tokyo Living Dead Idol

    Tokyo Living Dead Idol


    The only thing that saves 'Tokyo Living Dead Idol' from being just another low budget Japanese zombie flick is its humour.

    It is legitimately funny, albeit the laughs don't really start until the middle and continue to ramp up toward the end of the movie.

    Did Yuki (the director/writer) become a better writer over time? Should he have given the script another few drafts to smooth it out more? Maybe and yes, definitely.

    The CG blood is atrocious, even by CG blood stardards which is a shame.

    Yeah... So, look forward to the criterion release of this classic coming soon.