Cruella ★★★½

Having not watched any of the previous adaptations and trailers, this was awfully fun to watch. Having recently watched I,Tonya I had huge expectations for the director but kept the expectations a bit low knowing that this was a Disney film.

Having said that we can see the Disney stamps over it but it's director Craig Gillespie's film after all so there aren't any dull moments. The film just brisks throughout the runtime and we don't get the feel of its 134 minutes.

Emma Stone is marvelous as Cruella but it's Emma Thompson who clearly steals the show and with every scenes with these two Emma together locking horns it's a delight to watch.

The costumes and make-up are a character itself and it's some of the best this eyes have ever seen.

My some gripes would be the overuse of music which works well for most parts but I was begging for some silence as it's one song after another. Also the last act served as setups for possible sequels which I think the director might have avoided but hey after all Disney's the boss and they won't let go of this cash cow.

It's a gorgeous looking film & surprisingly a good time at Disney live action movies.

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