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    Themes Explained:

    After a second viewing and researching different theories for a couple of days, I realized there's so much more to this film than I initially thought. The surface level explanation of what literally happens is pretty straightforward, but there are themes and allegory that Peele has embedded in the film that require a bit more digging into. I’ve taken the ideas that stood out to me the most and compiled an interpretation that I think is closest to…

  • Minari



    Great -> 2021 Ranking (#1/15) & 2020 Ranking (#5/53) & A Favorite Movie For Each Year I’ve Been Alive

    My hype for this was immense yet still, it delivered! Everything about this film is just beautiful, the cinematography, the score, the story and the wonderful family at the heart of it all. The movie takes its time unraveling itself and you don’t realize how much you care about these characters until the hard-hitting finale which left me an emotional wreck. Minari is deserving of all the praise it’s been getting and I’ll be rooting for it all throughout awards season.

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  • The Man Who Sold His Skin

    The Man Who Sold His Skin


    Pretty Good (72%) -> 2021 Ranking (17/27)

    Just when I thought I’d have to catch this one post-Oscars, Hulu comes in clutch and drops it the week of. Having now seen it, if there was a foreign nominee to skip, this one would be fitting as it’s easily the weakest of the bunch. However, it’s still a good film with lots to like, and it’s worth seeking out for my fellow completionists out there.

    Loosely based on true events, this…

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    Pretty Good (72%) -> 2020 Ranking (#45/73)

    Kitty Green’s transition from directing documentaries to feature films coincides with one of the first dramatic portrayals of the #MeToo movement, and in both aspects, this film is a big win.

    The story follows a day in the life of an assistant to a major film production executive in New York, and it’s clear that this is not how she envisioned her big break into the industry. Even though she’s the first to…

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  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    Good (76%) -> Godzilla Universe Ranking (#3) & 2021 Ranking (#12/23)

    Finally! This was as good a fight as I could’ve hoped for and seeing these titans go at it with top notch special effects was so much fun. I liked the expansion of the lore and they threw some nice surprises in there as well. The human aspect isn’t very good, as expected, but the cast was a lot more tolerable than usual; the bond between the child and Kong was actually pretty interesting. All in all, this knew what it was and it gave me what I wanted. :)

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    Very Good (78%) -> DCEU Ranking (#2) & 2021 Ranking (#8/21)

    Well, the SNYDER CUT is finally here! Can’t say I had super high hopes but I’m so glad we got to see this version of a Justice League movie because it’s lightyears better than what we got in 2017. Gone are the awkwardly uncharacteristic jokes, distracting color correction, and thin plot in favor of a better structured story that fleshes out its characters and actually gives you something to care…