Force Majeure

Force Majeure ★★★★

Very Good

Going into this movie blind, I had no idea where it was going to go and when the premise is finally revealed in a jaw-dropping avalanche sequence, I was instantly hooked and pleasantly surprised for the rest of the runtime. The performances here are fantastic all the way through, especially from Lisa Loven Kongsli as Ebba, the central protagonist. Her character goes through an emotional rollercoaster throughout the film and she manages to handle it expertly, conveying a lot while saying little. The film itself is very much “show don’t tell” and the ambiguity behind certain scenes enhances the impact and gives food for thought long after the credits roll.

That’s not to say the film lacks in the dialogue department because it most certainly doesn’t. There are some arguments in this movie that are so stress-inducing and cathartic that they’re more entertaining than some of the best action sequences. The film poses interesting philosophical questions and provides a realistic portrayal of decaying relationship and that feeling of being trapped in a marriage you’re unhappy with. This is all under the guise of a black comedy, and while it works for the most part, a lot of the humor went over my head, probably due to the language barrier. I also am still unsure about the significance of some aspects of the film but I’m okay with that. Overall, I was very pleased with this movie and it’s definitely one that will stick with me and I’ll want to revisit in the future.

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