Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★★

Pretty Great -> 2020 Ranking (#11/56)

Black Panther already cemented Chadwick Boseman’s legend status but this film just makes me even sadder seeing how much acting talent he really had and how he could’ve gone on to become one of the GOATs. He is amazing in this film; it’s by far his most impressive work and it would be awesome if he won the Oscar. Viola Davis also kills it with a commanding role as Ma Rainey- a truly intimidating presence whenever she is on screen.

The script is really well written, giving its actors meaty material to deliver such great performances and making for a consistently captivating film despite its simple, contained plot which can essentially be summed up as a two hour recording session. Aside from one shocking moment towards the end that I wasn’t a big fan of, I loved this film and it has one of my favorite acting ensembles of 2020.

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