A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

A nerve-wrecking sci-fi horror, that sets up some ambitious and difficult rules for itself.

I loved all the tension this movie could create, and the first ten minutes were so tough for me to watch, I needed to take a break from it. It became almost too tense for me, but I also value that in a good horror movie. I was literally sitting on the edge.

I felt it was a very original and interesting dilemma they had made here, where aliens hunts by sound. For the most parts, the movie could also find good solitions for this family to make it, and it felt smart. But the more you think about it, the more impossible it seems to have a family live in total silent - especially with small kids. But it does not really matter, cause I was too thrilled to care, when watching the family deal with their challenges.

The sound, the filming, the acting and the effects were good - and it is amazing with a movie that does not use a lot of effort on the background story, but simply explain it quite simple for us, and instead focuses on the exciting drama surrounding the family. Perhaps you can best compare this movie to Signs (2002), which also was original, smart and shocking, without being too much of a horror cliche.

- Watched on Netflix

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