Attack the Block

Attack the Block ★★★★★

This movie is AWESOME.

It's a super funny and super compassionate teen heroes story, juggling tons of meaningful conflict with legitimately dangerous enemies, set during an alien invasion of London.

The spirit of Alien and Gremlins truly lives on in this modern sci-fi horror gem. And rather than lazily retreading over past iconic films, Joe Cornish very smartly wields the trademark innovations of his predecessors to create his own story, bursting with personality.

The characters are full of life and history, and their sense of ownership for their community feels incredibly sincere. The editing is hyperkinetic but never over-stimulating. The score and soundtrack are modern, but in a way that adds character to the film without risk of becoming dated. The heightened color grading and the sharp, claustrophobic cinematography, particularly the eerie blue lighting, make each shot hauntingly beautiful and dramatic. Even the exposition is delivered at the exact right moments and in the exact right way that feels absolutely natural for both the characters and the audience. This is an incredibly fun, action-packed lovable power package of a movie. And yeah it even has a few real-world lessons to teach.

Disney needs to quit playing Monopoly for a second and give Joe Cornish his own Star Wars movie.

This film fucking rocks.

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