The Seventh Seal

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This review may contain spoilers.

Film #12 of the Rides of March Challenge

First things first, add this to the shame list.

Also, add this to the list of ones that are destined for a rewatch down the road.

There seems to be a pretty well accepted interpretation of Seventh Seal (Bergman wasn't trying to hide it) and I'm sure that will be obvious in the future, but for now I'm enjoying my alternate theory.

An actor, his wife and his son are traveling through a mysterious area to get to their next show. With them is an actor friend who doesn't survive, and this is partially why the kind hearted family has found themselves in some kind of island purgatory. A knight and his squire, a blacksmith and his wife, a (nearly) mute girl all find each other in a town, meanwhile messengers of God arrive and tell them they are already dead. Not just the group, but the entire town.

Block the knight already knows this, but wants to outrun death. When he see's that an innocent family has entered a land without life or death, he instead uses what skills he has to let them escape instead of himself.

At the end of the road, death arrives, and the mute girl says that the journey is over. Death leads them to their ultimate fate.

Seventh Seal is a very interesting watch for those who's thoughts lead to death usually. Not necessarily in a depression type way, but either theological, or educational. It's meant as a struggle, of whether to accept it, or fear it greatly, and how it's really all just a matter of time.