Mikey and Nicky

For May's birthday.

I have so many thoughts about this movie but it's difficult for me to articulate them because of how painful this movie is. The ultimate relationship movie: MIKEY AND NICKY is all about people who care deeply what the people they care deeply think of them, and how people hurt each other when they've been hurt or are fearful of being hurt. It's a Elaine May film down the line, from the portrait of seemingly vacuous male lives, who live for nothing (the money Nicky stole is far less present than the money and possessions Henry is fixated on in A NEW LEAF), the interest in what someone does (Ned Beatty and Peter Falk's bickering about who did or didn't do their job right), and the capacity for cruelty towards one another; Henry and Henrietta, Lenny and Lila, Mikey and Nicky––or, for that matter, pretty much any couple in any of these three films.