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  • Freaky


    One star for Vince Vaughn and even that is being generous.

  • Doll Syndrome

    Doll Syndrome


    Have you ever watched a movie that opens with a man
    having an unsimulated jerk off session in front of his widow
    and exploding his man juice all over the glass? Then proceeds
    to puke constantly in between his mundane daily activities?
    And somewhere in between the scene of him pissing on himself
    and the scene of him rubbing his balls while he licks a toilet bowl you think to yourself...
    "What the fuck am I watching?"
    "Why am I…

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  • The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil


    Long drawn out and pointless film. Slow burn is used to describe a film that uses it slow moments to achieve something (tell a story, character development, etc.) Here, the slow moments are nothing but pointless padding that do nothing to enhance the film in anyway. We are ten steps ahead of the lead at all times and as a viewer are left waiting for something to happen. When the ending hits and the big reveal happens it isn't a surprise, a bit silly, poorly set up and staged. One of the most overrated horror films of the last few years.

  • Aliens



    A science fiction classic.