Tammy and the Bachelor

Tammy and the Bachelor ★★★½

Yesterday we lost an incredible actress in Debbie Reynolds. She was someone I have adored for years, ever since I first watched Charlotte's Web when I was very young. She seemed like a very bright and cheerful person, one I always desired to meet. While that never did happen, I grew to love her through some of her movies, especially after discovering TCM. Whether she be saying Good Morning with Gene Kelly or Donald O'Connor, fighting of a thieving Walter Brennan and Brigid Bazlen, or falling in love and dancing with Russ Tamblyn, I was fascinated by her. And she will continue to fascinate me, as she did in Tammy and the Bachelor.

Tammy and the Bachelor could be considered a lesser known film today, with its only real legacy is the Oscar nominated song "Tammy" which was very popular upon release, and was sung by Debbie Reynolds at performances. The song is very sentimental and moving, and I have grown to love it more with each listen.

While the film can be very sweet, it has just the right amount of sweetness to it where it isn't cloyingly so. This is thanks to Debbie Reynolds, who is so charming as Tammy. Her scenes with Nielsen remain my favorite in the movie, as the create a believable enough chemistry, despite the short runtime being a bit of a hindrance to it. The key scene in which she sings the song Tammy moved me tears, perhaps because we will no longer be able to her that sweet voice outside of the movie, recordings, and a few clips scattered across the internet. Regardless, I am really glad to have found this and thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Rest in Peace, Debbie Reynolds

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