The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★

Hmmmm. Very disappointing. There are many glimpses of something much more interesting, but as a full package, this fails pretty bad. 

Making Magik RACIST was such a weird decision. I’m not sympathizing wit her anymore, because she’s a racist. 

Roberto was whitewashed, which in turn erased his original origin, leaving him with absolutely 0 character. He was just there.

Dani and Rahn were both fine. Not particularly well acted, but whatever. 

Sam was the only character I liked, and thank god, cause Sam is my favorite new mutants character. He was a sweetie. 

I have a really strong love for these characters and seeing them chopped up and tossed aside in a shitty, not scary at all “horror movie” makes me sad. This could have been something, I was willing to try something different. But the horror in this is non existent, the acting is subpar, and the script is terrible. Not worth your time sadly.

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