Little Women

Little Women ★★★★★

"it’s like the tide going out. it
goes out slowly, but it can’t be stopped."

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LITTLE WOMEN IS THE MASTERPIECE I HOPED IT WOULD BE. i laughed, i cried, i cried some more. greta gerwig finds a way to make a story we've seen before become an enveloping blanket of warmth, freshness and urgency. it's exciting, full of life, invigorating. she makes it new. soft. emotional. and deeply important for women. the acting is flawless, the flashbacks are perfectly timed and executed, weaving the story into an enthralling puzzle that fits together without you even having to try to put it together. no other adaptation that i've seen of the novel does this. it's expertly crafted. the cinematography was gorgeous, breathtaking in fact. my heart was happier than it has been in a long, long time. this was my first time finally seeing timothée on the big screen, so i was whisper-screaming every time even a glimpse of his face was shown. i also was elbowing my mom a lot, because, i mean, come on.. it's timothée chalamet!!! on the big screen!!!! every scene he was in was illuminated with fire. i'm biased i know, but there's just some unspoken air of electricity when he's on screen that is palpable. saoirse ronan was also amazing; she's my favorite actress and she was a *killer* jo. florence pugh was wonderful as amy. i loved how this version focused on everyone's plot lines equally; some other renditions i've seen focus more on jo. and that proposal scene with laurie/timothée and jo/saoirse? CHEFS. KISS. THAT IS WHAT WE CALL CINEMA LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. greta best director, timothée best supporting actor, florence best supporting actress, and saoirse best actress challenge 2020. spare a vote? 

me, crying over a story i love so much and the actor i love so much while my mom pats my leg in comfort? more likely than you think..

masterpiece arrived! so so so so happy i saw this on the big screen. first film in theaters in 2020? can't get any better than this. perhaps i've written a little poetry as well, naturally..

you cut out the pieces
of me that you want,
and you throw the rest away
you're the kind of cold
i can feel in my bones
on a frigid winter's day 
you're the kind of warmth
candlelight couldn't touch;
burning by the bay.
grains of sand
fall from my hand
while i'm begging you to stay.

ink blots dark against the moon
with arctic flakes falling slow
happiness measured in tune
as our garden begins to grow.
flower petals and honeybees
and love of neon glow;
nothing bleeds more powerfully
than the feelings we do not show.
snowbanks sitting quietly
underneath the fragile branches.
you caught my heart
inside your eyes
and all it took was glances.
all it took was dances;
all it took was chances.
all it took was rain.
all it took,
was to shake off the soot,
of the burning ember pain.
you're mine to gain,
i'm yours to keep.
she laid silent in a
slumber sleep.
they laid crying in a
pile heep.
but together their souls
would heal and weep.
woven, bound of fire steep.
never give up
on fire leap;
piercing through our dreams.
the veil is thin
but a mile deep,
sewn inside the seams.
the seams of our hearts,
cupid throws darts
between us there's sparks;
you gleam in the dark.

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