Justice League

Justice League ★★½

I'd seen the first 20 minutes or so of this before but we'd been at a friend's place at the time and had to turn it off for some reason, can't remember why. My partner put it on tonight because he couldn't stand to watch the Eagles game anymore (folks, they're bad).

A weird mess of tones (full disclosure if you don't know me, I'm a fan of various works of Snyder and Whedon, especially Sucker Punch and Buffy, but I think it was an odd and ultimately ill-fated decision to bring Whedon in on a Snyder project, as their styles are so dissimilar and, frankly, dissonant) and I just don't care all that much about these contemporary-style superhero films that are the mainstream discourse in these 2010's, but I would die for Diana Prince (ugh, honestly, Affleck, don't touch her) and I think we can all agree objectively that Jason Momoa is stupid hot, like I'd watch anything he's in just for a chance to look at him for awhile; I don't care for Wan's films generally but I'll definitely watch Aquaman, you know?

I'm just waiting for Wonder Woman 1984, y'all.