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  • Heat



    This is a movie that I will rewatch endlessly. Is it perfect? Nope. Overlong and hammy. But it always grips me, and I just never get tired of it.

  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three


    Perfection. Just super fun, fast-paced, action packed. They’ve tried to remake this movie before and failed each time, not just because this movie is a masterpiece, but also because this movie is a perfect product of its time: this movie IS early 1970s NYC, and there’s no way to replicate it, without either creating a labored period piece or getting yourself a time machine. The sounds, the look— hell, it sometimes even feels like you can SMELL the scenes. Combine that with the fact that, unlike most movies made today, the actors in this film aren’t models, just brilliantly talented performers with amazingly expressive faces.

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  • Fargo



    I’ve been on a kick of rewatching some movies I hadn’t seen in a long time but really enjoyed. Fargo was the first Coen brothers film I had ever seen, and since that first viewing, I’ve been fairly obsessed with their work— all of it, from their dark grim stuff to their screwy oddball comedies. Fargo has touches of both, but I think the reason this is so successful is, as some other reviewers have pointed out, the basic humanity…

  • Scanners



    Watched this dozens of times now. One of my favorite films. I never get over the chilliness of this movie, the way it seems to take place in some cold form of reality, an effect achieved by the mannered performances and superb sound design. The score is excellent, the bizarre, high pitched whine of someone being scanned, the distorted rumble of someone’s internal thoughts spilling out into the scene— it’s a movie made by its sound. Of course, it wasn’t…