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  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Raising Arizona
  • No Country for Old Men
  • A Serious Man
  • Fargo

Coen Brothers Ranked

12 films

not yet ranked: The Hudsucker Proxy Intolerable Cruelty The Ladykillers The Man Who Wasn't There Miller's Crossing O Brother, Where…

  • Right Now, Wrong Then
  • The Woman Who Ran
  • On the Beach at Night Alone
  • The Day He Arrives
  • Tale of Cinema

Hong Sang-soo Ranked

7 films

not yet ranked: The Day A Pig Fell Into the Well The Day After Grass Ha Ha Ha Hill of…

  • Che: Part One
  • Che: Part Two
  • Contagion
  • sex, lies, and videotape
  • King of the Hill

Steven Soderbergh Ranked

22 films

not yet ranked: And Everything Is Going Fine Bubble Full Frontal The Good German Gray's Anatomy The Informant! Kafka Ocean's…

  • Summer Of Soul (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised)
  • Censor
  • I Was a Simple Man
  • Flee
  • The Sparks Brothers

2021 Watchlist

72 films

organized by release date (everything after Matrix 4 does not have a release date). this mostly just exists to keep…

  • Metropolis
  • All That Jazz
  • The Cranes Are Flying
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Paris, Texas
  • Shoplifters

Palme d’Or Winners Ranked

56 films

currently: 56/92

  • A Brighter Summer Day
  • The Sound of Music
  • Chungking Express
  • Harakiri
  • Funeral Parade of Roses

The Stevie Canon

100 films

My 100 favorite movies (ranked somewhat roughly). Anything in the Top 20 can count as my favorite movie.

  • Taxi Driver
  • The Irishman
  • After Hours
  • Silence
  • The King of Comedy

Martin Scorsese Ranked

23 films

not yet ranked:

Narratives  - Boxcar Bertha - The Color of Money - Kundun - New York, New York


  • Shame
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Education
  • Lovers Rock
  • Hunger
  • Eat Drink Man Woman
  • The Wedding Banquet
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Saw
  • Saw VI
  • Saw III
  • Saw V
  • Saw II

Saw Ranked

8 films

  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  • Grizzly Man
  • Fitzcarraldo
  • The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans
  • Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds

Werner Herzog Ranked

7 films

not even gonna try listing all the ones I haven’t seen since there’s so many