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This review may contain spoilers.

This is very much a statement coming from somebody who is absolutely a "synth guy" but this has one of the most incredible scores in any film ever I think. Such a cool sound. I really think that the soundtrack being done at least partially by the director adds something unique because it gives them the ability to tailor it exactly to their vision.

There's a lot going on in this film regarding people who are systemically put down and the unrest that results from their needs being neglected in favour of those in power. This idea is more or less presented throughout the film but it's most strongly displayed during a scene near the end, where Snake Plisken asks the President how he feels about all the people who died trying to save him, to which the President only gives a half-hearted response of "we thank them for their sacrificesss," as if he doesn't really give a shit - the system that lead the people to die still exists, was created by those in power like the President, and is still going to exist no matter what meaningless shit that they say.

Loathe to be the person to date Letterboxd dot com reviews with references to the current political situation of the world but this is especially interesting to watch in the current year during the current pandemic where we see so many companies saying that frontline medical staff and essential workers are "heroes" and "so brave" and praising them for their work, while also continuing to not give them a wage resembling anything they can feasibly live by, as their job continues to become more and more dangerous, with more and more people dying on the job.

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