Scarface ★★★★½

Put down the pitchforks!
I've finally seen it, and boy, it has been a long time coming.

Brian De Palma's masterpiece about the rise and fall of one of the coolest and most memorable gangsters of all-time, Tony Montana, manages to exceed my expectations and engraves itself forever in my memory.

Containing countless memorable scenes and lines of dialogue (and coke) that I'm going to quote with my friends for years to come, Scarface might be one of the best movies to watch with a group of friends, simply because of its influence on pop-culture.

Al Pacino delivers his best ever performance here. At first, you root for him because of his die-hard attitude, but when greed and lust for power kick in, you know it's all going down in flames.

Scarface is brilliant on a technical level as well, with wonderful cinematography, camerawork and lighting. This is Brian De Palma at the height of his career.

I wish I had seen this earlier, and I assure you, this will not be the last time I watch this. Brilliant.

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