• The Negotiator

    The Negotiator


    Solid meat and potatoes late 90s "super action" meets psychological tête-à-tête flick with strong performances offsetting its predictable plotting and somewhat bloated length, not to mention a pretty ridiculous final coda. If anything I think the opening scene was so intense that my expectations were somewhat higher for what followed, but it held my interest in spite of itself and it certainly has a lot more to it than a lot of the Hollywood action that comes out these days. It also made me depressed that Kevin Spacey got himself cancelled, because he really was great in these sorts of fast talking smart alecky roles.

  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    I saw this at least two or three times in the theatre upon release, and while it always coaxed a few laughs out it fundamentally came across like a thriller to me when I was younger, especially because I was familiar with Fincher's previous work and went into it expecting one. After reading the book some years ago and returning to the film as an adult it very much resonates as a bitterly satirical send-up of angsty masculinity. The brilliance…