M.D.D. has written 15 reviews for films rated ★★★★ .

  • Chattahoochee



    A strangely overlooked period prison flick (or a nuthouse flick to be somewhat more specific) with a great cast and a totally different vibe from most films I've seen in the genre. The true story is a damning attack on the absurdity of the justice system and society's treatment of those reintegrating after military service, anchored by a typically hungry performance from Oldman and a more understated one from Francis McDormand, both of whom coax sympathy from the viewer without…

  • Braveheart



    All quibbling over historical accuracy aside, the battle scenes in this one still rip and Mel knows how to spill blood onscreen proper like. Once a decade or so I give this a good rinse.

  • Klute



    After reading that David Fincher considers him a major influence and realizing I had only seen Sophie's Choice, Presumed Innocent and the Devil's Own, I decided to delve head on into Alan J. Pakula's so-called "paranoia trilogy" with the understated yet immersively offbeat thriller that won Jane Fonda one of her two Best Actress trophies for a spellbinding portrayal of a call girl mixed up with a detective working a nebulous missing persons case. Reminding me a little bit of…