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  • The Last Blockbuster

    The Last Blockbuster

    Within the first 30 secs of the intro montage all I could think was "oh no, did they forget to interview women for this?" and "oh no, did they forget to interview anyone but white guys?". This worry carried into disappointment, and then just simply boredom as the film progressed.

    I hate to be that person.... but here's another 80s nostalgia talking head doc where like 5 white guys mansplain why video stores were important.

    Oh wait, they got Lauren…

  • Serenity


    OMG this is BAAAAAD, and not at all in a fun way.

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  • Pup Star: World Tour

    Pup Star: World Tour

    We wanted to watch that documentary about the gay couple looking after 100 rescue dogs but couldn't remember the name. So we just typed in DOGS into the Netflix search and this one came up (last). We couldn't stop laughing about the poster so then just put in on to see what the heck this was and 90 minutes later, I watched the entirety of Pup Star: World Tour.

    Honestly, it has that precise balance of authenticity and ineptitude (and lots of CUTE dogs) to make a perfect good-bad movie experience, which strangely made this really enjoyable.

  • Mausoleum



    My favourite part of this movie is when Susan tells the pervy Gardener to get back to work and then we are treated to a pointless 2 minute montage of him going about his day mowing the lawn, eating lunch, having a siesta, etc lol. Two of the best used minutes in cinematic history.