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  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Instead of going to a bar for a drink after this movie, I think I needed to call my therapist. That was fucking *Dark*. WRATH OF MAN is closer to PARASITE than THE GENTLEMEN, products of military industrial criminal capitalism eating each other alive. Fuck me.

    WRATH OF MAN feels like if DEN OF THIEVES crashed headfirst into a British Gangster Movie -something like LAYER CAKE- and it all ended in a massacre of gunshots and blunt force trauma. Actually,…

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES has lots of great energy & visuals but it was all over the place & overstuffed. Made by parts of the creative team behind the terrifically witty GRAVITY FALLS, comparing the two highlights how the movie has issues with its comedic timing and pacing; at points they'll either overplay a lame comedy beat or rush through a good one. Moreover, the movie is unabashedly about celebrating weirdness, but its particular flavor of "curated weird" that is custom…

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  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


    Earlier today before the movie, I joked about where I was this exact day 10 years ago, when the death of Osama bin Laden was announced to the world (the punchline being that I am not at liberty to say). The reality is, knowing what I know, I can say other writers and film critics are wholly unqualified to tell me what is or is not military propaganda. Its not even a secret, election interference and all.

    They scoff at…

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    An inverse Big Trouble In Little China with none of the charm, an over-serious Masters Of the Universe, a monument to the hubris of premature franchise building on par with the The Dark Universe.

    In truth, there are a number of solid pieces here (the cast commits to the bit, it looks gorgeous, THA GAWDS Hiroyuki Sanada & Joe Taslim) but the script is dead on arrival. More importantly, the action is there on paper/in choreography, but it is all framed…