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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    seriously guys? this age-old movie is getting recognised with 4.1? come on! what’s there in this apart from paul and riz’s acting? it’s so cliched and also what’s the big deal with sound-mixing here? 

  • Nomadland



    it’s a poem, a beautiful poem and it flows like water, smooth and silent.

    coming to the first part, it really took some time to get on track. once it did, it went on and on, running past so fast. if this don’t win the best cinematography, what else will? nomadland is not just a road-movie, it’s an autobiography of a nomad.

    protagonist, fern never wanted to live under a house all she wanted was a roof, just a roof. travel.…

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  • The Father

    The Father


    you know one liner of ‘the father’ when heard can be boring, you may even think that this will be 1:36 hrs of snoozing, but the debutant florian has did a tremendous work here. it’s not easy to engage viewers the whole time especially with a topic like dementia. you can find similar pattern of narrative in memento, unlike that ‘the father’ is not a thriller. it’s the story of helplessness and the moment you pity yourselves for anthony is where the film wins. there has not been a movie that moved me like ‘the father’ did for a long time. and oscar isn’t worthy of anthony hopkins.

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman



    Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman is, in all manner how DC should be. Everything mixed up in perfect order for a superhero movie. Throughly entertaining with awesome background score and enthralling action sequences. It’s light, fun, thrilling and perfect.