Before Sunset ★★★★

do you believe in second chances

this movie is our future right now, in ten years will you be happy with who you are, who you’re with and what youre doing? So much anxiety in this one and once again Jesse and Celine are such intricate characters! Like I shouldn’t be rooting for them to be together since they’ve both moved on and have their own lovers but you feel the love they share and the moments they have for each other in the Sunrise. Goddamn they belong together!

You feel the sunset...the twilight mid-age pass by...the yellowish-orange tint reflect where the moment is running out and that we only have so much time to find love. To see this movie center these two in that theme is so scary but sweet. The best thing is they found each other amass other circumstances but knowing that one person exists that you’re looking for gives you a reason to keep going. This is commentary about love stuck in between the real life world problems that fatigue us, challenge us and how wise these characters years later are love.

I shouldn’t have watch these...I shouldn’t have...

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