Inception ★★★★

maybe i’ll dream about you

An enigmatic mind drowning experience from one of our current beacon filmmakers of the modern era. So much thought and skill were built into this ticking mechanism of rapturous storytelling in the world of cinema. The revolving hallway sequence alone where JGL memorized his movements by singing Bach to himself matching his physicality to each beat expresses the talent emitted off each performer’s hardwork in this. The score itself masterfully composed by the great Zimmer leaves the thought process in an euphoric realm while pulling the mind in otherworldly territories. By far one of my favorite film soundtrack ever. Not to mention it tops off with the most opened ended question finales in the history of film. Now that’s how you leave a cliffhanger to feed the imagination, Mr. Nolan. Great job!

This is a film for the ages no doubt...but this rewatch has been some years since I viewed it last and while I appreciate it more I still feel the low-groaning from my past self. When it released in 2010 this motherfucker was everywhere and I couldn’t wait to finally rent it when it came out on video. So the day came that I finally watched Nolan twist this dreamlike Rubik’s cube before me and...I was disappointed. Not that it was bad, but it was so hyped up and labeled as a complete mind trip. But I found the plot easy to follow and not so hard to understand. I was expecting a challenge but got a really great mind heist movie. And I kinda feel that way now. Which is my personal preference, my own little nitpick. Besides some questionable character motivations, story contradictions and very brief generic dialogue it stands as one of most inspirational, original works ever displayed on film. Can’t believe this will be ten years old next year. 

This also started my obsession with Marion Cotillard as this was the first film I ever saw her in and I just thought she was so visually and intellectually beautiful! Definitely the main reason I fell in love with France ;)

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